Community Name: The Celestial Guardians ~ Clan

LeadersHopeful Guy and Varen6398

The High Council
Hopeful Guy

The Celestial Guardians has existed since the 13th of November 2011 and the name itself is believed to accurately represent their main goal, which is to uphold the dawn. This community defines as an eternal unity between Light and Darkness, which bear parallels between Yin and Yang. They are a family and are always ready to accept new members. 

Holding approximately 20 to 30 members, you can always look over their official member list on their recruitment page. The clan also has alignments where their members may choose to join up. They are also currently recruiting! So if you're interested, drop them a message.

Light are the people who enjoy going out and attempting huge feats: they try and get the best equipment for their levels, attempt to reach the experience cap and try to gain as many waves as possible during any wars. If you're a record-breaker, join this group.

The people of Darkness prefer not to go out and defeat everything. They are the thinkers, the logistics behind the soldiers. They enjoy helping others on the forums rather than on the battlefield.

The Celestial Guardians are currently allied with the Beacons of Hope and A Phoenix Risen. They do not have any foes, with a belief to be friendly with all.

Once you have joined The Celestial Guardians, you will be given different awards depending on your feats within DragonFable. These are measured by looking at the different badges you have earned on your character page. However for people without a Dragon-Amulet, these awards will be hard to get without proof as you cannot view another person's badges if they do not have a Dragon-Amulet.

Congratulations to the Celestial Guardians on becoming DragonFable Enjin's VERY FIRST in the Featured Guilds/Clans event and good luck to the clan.

If you're wondering on how to become a Featured Guild/Clan, please read this thread.